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Electoral Reform for a More Inclusive Democracy

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)

Ensuring No Votes are "Wasted"

Ranked Choice Voting is a progressive approach to elections that ensures a broader spectrum of voices is heard. With RCV, voters rank their candidates by preference, allowing them to vote for the candidate they truly support, without fear of "wasting" their vote. If no candidate receives an outright majority, the system redistributes votes to determine a clear winner. RCV encourages candidates to address a wider range of issues, ultimately leading to more robust, issue-driven campaigns. I support RCV because it fosters a more inclusive democracy where every voter's voice matters.

Public Financing of Elections

Lowering the Barrier of Access to Run for Office

The current campaign finance system often forces candidates to dedicate an enormous amount of time and resources to fundraising, diverting their attention from the issues that matter most to constituents. Public financing offers a solution by allowing candidates to focus on campaigning and legislating, rather than soliciting donations. By providing public funds to candidates who meet specific criteria, we can level the playing field and ensure that elections are decided on merit and not monetary advantage. I stand behind public financing because it empowers candidates to work for you, the people, without the burden of excessive fundraising.

Together, these reforms empower voters, reduce the influence of special interests, and allow candidates to concentrate on their most important task—serving the public. I believe that electoral reform is a crucial step toward a more representative and accountable government, where all voices are equally valued.

Join me in championing these vital electoral reforms for a stronger, fairer democracy. Let's ensure that your concerns and priorities drive the decisions in Sacramento, not the size of campaign coffers. Together, we can build a California where the people's voice is paramount.

Adam Pryor for State Assembly 2024
FPPC ID#1463393
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