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Making the Political Process Accessible: Transparency and Outreach

At our campaign, we're dedicated to making government more transparent and accessible to you, the people we serve.

Simplifying Access to Information

We vow to simplify access to government data and information for the public through user-friendly online platforms. Our commitment to transparency means you can easily access critical information about government actions, budgets, and policies.

Engaging Directly with Our Community

We understand the importance of open dialogue with our constituents. Unlike previous representations, we promise to host town halls regularly, ensuring that your voice is heard and your concerns are addressed. We believe in representing you, not our own interests.

Educational Empowerment

Civic engagement is a cornerstone of democracy. That's why we'll host educational workshops to help constituents understand how government works and how to engage effectively. Knowledge is power, and we want to empower you to be active participants in our democracy.

Advocating for Transparency Legislation

We will always support transparency legislation that enhances government transparency and accessibility at all levels. It's a fundamental principle of our campaign to ensure that government serves you effectively and accountably.

Join Us in Building a More Accessible Government

Your involvement is crucial in building a government that truly represents your interests and values. Join us in our mission for a more transparent and accessible government. Together, we can create a government that works for all Californians, not just the few with backdoor access to legislators.

Adam Pryor for State Assembly 2024
FPPC ID#1463393
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