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Economic Relief: Lowering the Gas Tax, Encouraging Small Business Startups, and Prioritizing Families' Well-being

Welcome to our economic relief initiative! At our campaign, we're committed to easing the financial burden on everyday Californians and revitalizing our business landscape.

Lowering the Gas Tax: Prioritizing Affordability

California currently has the highest gas tax in the nation, at a staggering 78 cents per gallon. We propose lowering it to 50 cents per gallon to help Californians cope with the effects of inflation.

Why Lower the Gas Tax?

  • Relieving the Financial Strain: High gas taxes disproportionately affect working families. Lowering the tax will provide much-needed relief as everyday expenses rise.

  • Boosting Economic Activity: Lower gas prices can stimulate local spending and help small businesses by putting more money in consumers' pockets.

  • Ensuring Accessibility: Affordable transportation is vital for people to reach their jobs, healthcare, and essential services.

Creating a First-Time Small Business Startup Fund

Starting a business in California can be daunting due to high initial costs. We propose the creation of a First-Time Small Business Startup Fund, similar to programs for first-time homebuyers, to incentivize Californians to take the entrepreneurial leap.

The Importance of Small Businesses:

  • Driving Economic Growth: Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, contributing significantly to job creation and innovation.

  • Supporting Local Communities: Small businesses often reinvest in their communities, creating a positive ripple effect.

  • Encouraging Entrepreneurship: Lowering barriers to entry will empower more Californians to start their own businesses, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship.

Supporting Existing Small Businesses With Subsidies

In California, large corporations often receive substantial subsidies and incentives to bolster their operations, while the lifeblood of our communities, small businesses, are left struggling to make ends meet. It's time we level the playing field and prioritize the backbone of our economy – local small businesses. That's why we believe in providing meaningful financial support to small businesses, especially during challenging times. Small business owners are the heart and soul of our communities, and their success is vital for economic growth.

  • Fair Allocation: We will work tirelessly to ensure that subsidies and economic incentives are distributed fairly, with a focus on helping those who need it the most – our small businesses. It's time to redirect resources away from corporate giants and into the hands of local entrepreneurs.

  • Job Creation: Supporting small businesses isn't just about financial aid; it's also about creating jobs and stimulating our local economies. By investing in our small business sector, we'll generate employment opportunities that benefit everyone in our community.

  • Sustained Growth: We are committed to fostering an environment where small businesses can thrive and grow sustainably. This includes simplifying bureaucratic processes, reducing red tape, and providing ongoing support to ensure their long-term success.

  • Community Prosperity: When small businesses flourish, our communities prosper. We believe that by supporting our local entrepreneurs, we can revitalize neighborhoods, strengthen our local economies, and improve the overall quality of life for residents.

Prioritizing Families

We know the importance of family and we recognize how difficult it can be to raise a child, especially with the price of essential goods and services increasing due to persistent inflation. It is paramount to the development of newborns to spend as much time as possible with their parents to help the developmental process. That is why we are calling for guaranteed paid family leave of 12 weeks so new parents can spend time with their newest family members. We also saw during the COVID pandemic how effective a child tax credit was at cutting child poverty drastically. No child in California should go to bed hungry or alone.

Child Tax Credit:

  • Reduced Financial Strain: It provides financial relief to families, helping to reduce the financial burden associated with raising children.

  • Poverty Reduction: By lifting many families out of poverty, it promotes economic stability and security, which can lead to better overall well-being.

  • Increased Economic Activity: Families often use the additional income to make necessary purchases, stimulating local economies and supporting small businesses.
  • Child Development: Improved financial circumstances can positively impact a child's development by ensuring access to quality education, healthcare, and extracurricular activities.

  • Workforce Participation: Parents may find it easier to participate in the workforce, contributing to higher employment rates and increased productivity.

Paid Family Leave:

  • Work-Life Balance: Paid family leave allows individuals to balance their work responsibilities with family obligations, reducing stress and improving mental health.

  • Health Benefits: It promotes better maternal and infant health by allowing parents to take time off for prenatal care, postpartum recovery, and early child-rearing.

  • Child Bonding: Parents can bond with their newborn or adopted child during the crucial early months, fostering healthier parent-child relationships.

  • Employee Retention: Employers offering paid family leave often experience improved employee morale, loyalty, and retention rates.

  • Gender Equality: It promotes gender equality by enabling both mothers and fathers to take time off for childcare, reducing gender disparities in caregiving responsibilities.

  • Economic Stability: By ensuring that individuals do not have to choose between family and work, it contributes to overall economic stability.

Taking Action Together

Our economic relief plan is designed to benefit every Californian, putting money back in your pockets and opening doors to entrepreneurship. With your support, we can:

  • Lower the Gas Tax: Providing immediate financial relief to all Californians.

  • Empower Entrepreneurs: Encouraging first-time business owners to pursue their dreams and contribute to our local economy while also helping existing business owners to thrive and grow our economy.

  • Build a Stronger California: Strengthening our communities and fostering economic growth.

Join Us in Building a Stronger California

Your involvement is crucial to achieving these economic reforms. Explore our proposals, sign up for updates, volunteer your time, or make a donation to support our cause. Together, we can lower the tax burden on everyday Californians and create a more vibrant and dynamic business environment in the Golden State.

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